Spring is just around the corner

Spring is near we can almost taste it!


Don’t worry your winter blues will be gone soon! Roll out the red carpet and turn on the lights because house hunting season is upon us!

Buyers have been cooped up for five long months with the skinny selections of homes on the market, waiting for their dream home or even first home to come along!

That home could be yours! Have you thought about selling but wanted to wait till spring? Well now IS THE TIME! That’s right, you heard me get to it!! Not to be pushy (Ha!) but listing are NEEDED big time baby! You need to put some pep in that step to get your home on the market because the surplus of buyers we have will eat your home right up! (figuratively speaking of course)

Yes, April showers do bring may flowers but March listings also brings April buyers!! Corny? yeah I know! But the urgency for listings is REAL. Don’t just take my word ask your local realtor their take on listing your home! 

If selling your home has been on your mind please don’t hesitate to contact your local agent and get the ball rolling! Don’t have an agent yet? Give us a call!


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